2013 Retail Industry Outlook Survey
Technology Transforms
Retail Opportunities

As our 2013 Retail Industry Outlook survey confirms, technology is creating a retail industry open for business anytime, anywhere and in any way. How are smart retailers responding? They are seamlessly integrating their physical and virtual channels to provide personalized customer experiences. By embracing and successfully leveraging technology, retailers can look forward to a brighter future.
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Consumer Currents Issue 15

What’s in store: Technology helps keep brick and mortar in style

Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2013

Consumer Currents Issue 14
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Mark Larson Photo Mark Larson
US and Global Sector Leader, Retail

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2013 Retail Industry Outlook Survey Results
Which of the following technology-related trends is having a significant impact on your business?

71% Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
52% Mobile/online shopping
51% Mobile/online promotions and coupons
32% Use of in-store mobile technology by store associates
29% Waning store/brand loyalty as consumers become more empowered
Multiple responses allowed.