2013 Banking Industry Outlook Survey
Dealing with the
Impact of Regulation

Banking executives remain focused on dealing with regulatory-related matters since these are having a pervasive impact on their institutions. Forging ahead in this evolving regulatory environment will require fundamental changes to traditional business models and operating structures, while effectively managing the rising costs of reform and its impact on growth.
Key Issues

Reshaping Banking in a Dynamic Business
and Regulatory Climate

The Transformation of Banking:
Forces, Implications, Actions

Community Banking Outlook Survey 2012

Evolving Banking Regulation - Americas
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Brian Stephens Photo Brian Stephens
National Sector Leader,
Banking & Capital Markets

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2013 Banking Industry Outlook Survey Results
What do you believe has been the greatest impediment to M&A in the banking industry?

11% Sellers' demands too high
2% Buyers' offers are not reasonable
26% Targets' balance sheet issues
57% Anticipated regulatory actions / issues
4% Stock price