Research & Development Tax Credits
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Research tax credits shouldn't be more complex than the research itself

Recovering a portion of research and development (R&D) costs. Benefiting from permanent cash tax savings. Increasing return on R&D investments. How can you take advantage of the R&D incentives for which you're eligible – while fully complying with the complexities of the law?

KPMG's Process and Technology

KPMG's Research Credit Services practice combines industry experience with a collaborative approach enabled by our proprietary technology to develop a sustainable process for identifying and documenting qualified R&D activities and expenditures.


KPMG LINK R&D Exchange helps companies process and substantiate R&D tax credits more effectively. A web-based tool, R&D Exchange helps our team identify and quantify eligible projects and activities, as well as collect and organize financial data and contemporaneous documentation.


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Tax Credits Professional

KPMG’s Annual R&D Tax Credit Year in Review

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Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit: Key Developments & Leading Practices

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KPMG Insights on R&D Tax Credits
A summary of recent developments and practical tips.

Sweet 16: The Research Tax Credit Gets Its 16th Extension
(PDF 1.3mb)

By Michael Brossmer, Christine Kachinsky, David Culp, and Tyrone Montague

Intragroup Transactions Under the Proposed Research Credit Regs
(PDF 82kb)

By Keith Jordan and David Culp

Treatment of Intra-Group Transactions under the Proposed Research Credit Regulations (PDF 204kb)
By Keith Jordan and David Culp

Whose Qualifying Research Expense Is It, Anyway? (PDF 53kb)
By Kathleen Milone, David Culp, Scott Vance, and Tommy Zavieh
(Daily Tax Report)

Proposed regulations - Treatment of research credit among controlled group members

New Texas Franchise Tax Credit or Sales & Use Tax Exemption
(PDF 118kb)

Proposed regulations - R&D expenditures, treatment of costs in developing tangible property and pilot models

R&D Incentives –
Adding Value Globally
A summary of the final requirements and recommended actions for companies affected by the ruling.

Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA) (PDF 5.8mb)

Asia Pacific (ASPAC) (PDF 870kb)

Americas (PDF 556kb)