• Industry: Investment Management
  • Date: 7/2/2014

Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation 

In Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation, Jim Suglia, the National Sector Leader of KPMG’s Investment Management practice, emphasizes the importance of leveraging leading-edge data management practices, improving customer analytics, deploying more scalable information technology systems, and streamlining business processes.
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Among the considerations examined in this paper:

  • How can industry participants meet the array of global regulatory demands in a cost-effective manner?
  • What steps can be taken by the industry to serve retail clients who are simultaneously switching money into lower-margin passively traded funds while demanding more product innovation—particularly in alternative investments—despite an unwillingness to pay higher fees?
  • How can the industry meet the challenges presented by a new breed of low-cost, technology-savvy competitors, who are testing the value proposition that large-sized, traditional firms offer retail customers?


With the industry at an inflection point, our view is that industry participants must make wholesale changes, rather than fine-tuning existing strategies, in order to expand both market share and profit margins. At its core, Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation proposes that investment management firms first rethink and then revamp their business models and operating models.


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