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Tax reform: KPMG's submission to Treasury

Tax reform: KPMG's submission to Treasury
KPMG releases a far-reaching tax reform blueprint for the Australian tax system. Highlights include establishing a single administrator to collect taxes, abolishing fringe benefits tax and stamp duty, and linking income tax rate to average full time earnings.

Tax reform: A call for a fundamental change

Tax reform: A call for a fundamental change
KPMG's submission calls for a fundamental change and includes recommendations many of which are far-reaching. David Linke, National Managing Partner, Tax, looks at our extensive proposals that go beyond the norm, representing a shake-up of our tax system.

KPMG Marketplace

KPMG Marketplace
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KPMG Australia acquires Hands-on Systems

KPMG Australia acquires Hands-on Systems, a Microsoft Australia partner and enterprise application implementation specialist firm.

National Reform Summit

National Reform Summit 2015

The National Reform Summit, jointly supported by KPMG, The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, was a rare opportunity to achieve a consensus on a national agenda for economic and social reform in Australia.


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BBY Group

Information for creditors of stockbroker BBY, placed into voluntary administration on 17 May 2015.

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