South Africa

Secretarial, Support & Administration  

Secretaries and administrators are vital members of the team at KPMG member firms. We genuinely prize good organisational and project management skills and the supportive role you can play in efficient project execution.

“In the 14 years since I joined KPMG, I have grown with the organisation and now my main role is to assist in running the daily office work, such as liaising, preparing travel itineraries and arranging logistics for visiting Directors. I really enjoy my job because I learn a lot from it and, most importantly, I know that I am valued and appreciated. That is the best reward for my contribution.” Nellie - Director's Secretary, KPMG in China.


Whether you join as an administrator, junior receptionist or Director's secretary, you can look forward to being valued and respected, with the prospect of excellent, detailed training to help develop your career.


You can also look forward to the opportunity to build a rewarding, well-paid career working with a wide range of KPMG people and Directors. And the skills we look for? Naturally, we expect you to be proficient in leading administration and project related tools. We also look for people who are highly motivated and well-organised with excellent communication skills.

Experienced Hires