A Deeper Perspective on Conflict Minerals
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How can lessons learned from the first reporting period be applied to a holistic compliance program covering a wide range of regulations, not just those relating to conflict minerals? Find out, in our newly published paper, “Conflict Minerals and beyond – Part four: Lessons for an integrated compliance program.” It includes case studies of companies that have been working on conflict minerals – offering insights into challenges, lessons learned, and ideas for developing a conflict minerals program.

Conflict Minerals and Beyond   Keys to Reporting Success

Optimizing the Supply Chain
How conflict mineral compliance can also enhance overall supply chain efficiency and sustainability.


A More Transparent
Supply Chain

A look at transparency and management in developing a DRC conflict-free supply chain.


Developing a Global Compliance Strategy
What are the implications and how should companies begin mapping their strategies?



Reporting can be a challenge, but companies that have benefited followed these tips:

Set a compliance strategy
Create a dedicated team
Involve all departments
Communicate consistently
Garner support from executives

KPMG's team of professionals in our member firms can assist in gap-analysis reviews to define the impact of proposed regulatory reform from a people, process, technology, data requirements, reporting, and analytical perspective.

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Identifying the Use of 3TG Metals


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100 Most Influential People in Conflict Minerals — 2015
Chuck Riepenhoff, Jr. was recently named to the first-ever Conflict Mineral Top 100 Most Influential People 2015 list.
The list was independently researched by LDT Consulting on behalf of Assent Compliance.

Final Regulations

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