Risk Consulting 

You could say that 'turning risk to advantage' is our mantra.
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Jorge Santos


Partner, Management & Risk Consulting

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At KPMG Risk Consulting we think about risk differently.


Whilst the global financial crisis has created significant challenges for business, one positive outcome is boards' desire for greater understanding of integrated risk management. For us, handling strategic risk is not about compliance and box-ticking. It is a critical investment that can underpin an organization's long-term growth, value and sustainability.


Our top down approach takes a holistic view of risk, starting right in the boardroom were we work with boards to help achieve long-standing success and working across your organization identifying strategic, operational, compliance, financial and of course reputational risks at each and every stage.


It’s not about being risk averse. Instead you need to embed effective risk management into core decision-making, make well-informed choices, drive more value and profit to shareholders, grow intelligently and create outstanding business results.


In today’s fast changing world strategy without risk is no longer strategy.


All levels of a business need to understand and fully explore how commercial benefit can be leveraged from managing risk.


We help to align our clients' risk framework with the business strategy, working to protect and enhance business value - reducing risk, cutting costs and improving business performance.