South Africa

Corporate Citizenship 

Can you spare a few hours? Remember when you were a kid and dreamed of becoming a fireman, nurse, pilot, even a vet? While you didn’t choose one of these as a career, who said you can’t still save the world, one community and project at a time…?


Caring about the communities in which we live and work is one of the cornerstones of KPMG in South Africa. We focus on giving back to the communities in which we live through active involvement and investment in education, sport, the arts and culture.

The KPMG Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme


The KPMG commitment to community upliftment is shown through our CSI programme. This programme is not some ‘feel good’ promo on Saturday telly; it’s about real people and the reality they go home to every day. This is where we roll up our sleeves, put our intelligence to work and strive to really make a difference.

We are passionate about our CSI programmes and have been involved as a prominent member of social upliftment initiatives in South Africa.


KPMG’s Make a Difference (MAD) Fund is the latest addition to KPMG in South Africa’s CSI programme. The programme’s structure allows you to get involved in many different ways – in your individual capacity, together with your colleagues, or even on a company-wide basis.


If you want to make a difference, we have the support structures to assist and guide you. The benefits? Besides the obvious ones, you get to develop your professional skills, learn to cope with adversity and turn difficult situations into rewarding experiences.


The KPMG Chairman’s Award for Community Involvement also formally recognises our people’s commitment to their communities.