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Advisory Careers 

New, more stringent regulatory regimes; shifting market demand and industry consolidation; continuing pressure for better returns and more transparency; new opportunities in emerging markets - today’s business world is fast-paced indeed!

To succeed in our Advisory practice, you should be able to seize opportunities while also considering clients’ risks.


KPMG’s Risk Advisory services are designed to help companies achieve favourable and sustainable financial performance.


Some of the Business and Public Sector Advisory Services we deliver include:


  • Accounting Advisory Services
  • Business Performance Services
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Actuarial Services
  • IT Advisory
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Programme Management and Quality Assurance.


Internal Auditing Services (IAS)

Following high-profile corporate failures and the heightened awareness of the need for risk and governance auditing, the demand for internal auditing services has never been greater.


KPMG’s Internal Auditing Services practice is a challenging, rapidly-growing part of our business which works with organisations to help improve their governance and risk management processes and controls, to implement the various new regulations that impact on them.


Frequently asked questions: Advisory Services

What is Internal Audit Services?

The Internal Audit Services department of KPMG’s Advisory practice provides specialist services in three main professional areas, namely corporate governance, enterprise risk management and internal auditing.

In the fields of internal audit and risk management, we offer exciting career opportunities founded on tried-and-tested training and mentoring programmes. This offers you exposure to a diverse range of clients, economic sectors, geographic regions and challenging assignments.

Training is provided through a three-year contract under the guidance of seasoned professionals – experienced and motivated mentors who are committed to developing your talent.


What qualities are needed for this job?

You will need to demonstrate a range of personal qualities to succeed in this field. Firstly, you’ll need to be interested in understanding how businesses operate and show an interest in risk and control. Being a good communicator and a team player will also help, as will project management, analytical and communication skills.

In KPMG’s Internal Auditing Services practice, you will be taking on new challenges and assignments and working on your own initiative.


What is it like working in KPMG’s Internal Auditing Services practice?

We work in an area where you need to be capable of forming an objective opinion. You can benefit from client exposure, as well as working with KPMG’s global network of member firms.

Whatever the issue, KPMG in South Africa can add value through its deep industry-sector knowledge.


What qualification do I need to have for Internal Audit?

An Honours or B.Tech degree is a pre-requisite for acceptance to the programme and trainees will then enter into a 36-month training contract with KPMG.

Trainees are required to obtain experience in a number of different disciplines. Performance regarding certain technical as well as other skills and behaviours will be assessed during six-monthly performance appraisals in line with KPMG’s global performance management system.

During a training contract, trainees will be required to complete their examinations to qualify as a CIA.


Frequently asked questions: IT Advisory


What is IT Advisory (ITA)?


ITA looks at business processes, the IT network and processing environment and communication of information within and between organisations.


It’s our job to focus on how technology can improve or transform our clients’ business systems. In the fast-moving arena of IT, it’s a constant challenge to remain at the forefront of risk analysis.
KPMG’s ITA practice helps clients identify, understand, measure and manage their business risks resulting from a growing dependence on IT. ITA has also established the appropriate controls and security measures relevant to the use of information systems and technology.


As an IT advisor, you need to adapt your skills and knowledge to find strategies that can meet your clients’ needs.


We help clients assess the value of potential IT investments and help to ensure they provide favourable returns. We can also help reduce the risk of potential business disasters, such as hardware failure or virus attacks, through detailed analyses, network and system design and recovery planning.
Our ITA professionals are drawn from a wide field of technology and business backgrounds. They offer our clients detailed IT knowledge, in the context of rapidly evolving technology, underpinned by an understanding of wider business implications.


Our teams share common personal qualities: ambition, determination and the flexibility to address unexpected challenges.


What personal attributes do I need?


As a minimum, you should have a keen interest in IT and business issues, have good communication skills and be capable of taking on responsibility at an early stage. You’ll need to be ready for a steep learning curve, since graduates are often assigned to project teams as soon as they join.


If you have the ambition and determination to succeed in this fast-paced environment and can combine an understanding of business with an appreciation of the importance of information technology, you may find that this career offers you the challenge and diversity you demand.


What qualifications do I require for the ITA traineeship?


To apply to our ITA trainee programme, you will need to be studying a B.Com or B.Sc degree specialising in Computer Science, Information Technology, Informatics or Information Systems.


Remember that your university may call this degree by another name, so if you are unsure whether you may apply to us, be sure to view the job description for the position for which you are applying.


Corporate Finance


KPMG Corporate Finance forms part of the Financial Advisory Services division of KPMG.


While working in Corporate Finance, you would be assisting clients who are considering growth through mergers and acquisitions, seeking funding or valuation advice, looking at restructuring opportunities or considering private equity deals or even a public listing.


The core services you could be exposed to include the following:


  • Mergers and Acquisitions services
  • JSE Securities Exchange sponsorship services
  • Valuation services
  • Private Equity-related services
  • Financing
  • Executive incentive schemes.


Corporate Recovery


In 1982, the Chief Master of the High Court invited the legal and accounting professions to enter the field of administering insolvent estates. After much consideration, KPMG realised that there was a need to extend and complement its existing services to clients.


KPMG Corporate Recovery in South Africa incorporates two distinct practices:


Corporate Restructuring


Working in restructuring means that you would be assessing companies that are experiencing financial difficulties and helping them to return to financial stability. Typically, these engagements would be conducted with the approval of an organisation’s creditors, with a view to preventing the less desirable option of liquidation.

If you can see yourself in the role of independent advisor to distressed companies and/or their creditors and stakeholders, by providing practical options for going forward, then this is the area for you.


Insolvency Services

Businesses need to evolve constantly to keep pace with an ever-changing environment. This is evident from more complex financing packages and the supplier-base for the provision of this finance that is becoming more fragmented.

You will find yourself working through a labyrinth of competing rights and claims ensuring that when things go wrong, companies, their stakeholders and advisors can act quickly, wisely and with integrity to minimise the risk and exposure.




KPMG Forensic is in the business of dealing with issues where facts, people and organisations do not agree, or where financial or other business-related behaviour may not comply with expectations.


If you’re technically and analytically strong and your work is directed by the principles of professionalism, high ethical standards, independence and objectivity, then you may be suited to an exciting career in Forensics.


Some of the services you would be exposed to in KPMG Forensics include:


  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Asset Recovery/Tracing
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Dispute Advisory services
  • Establishment of fraud hotlines
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Ethics and Integrity services.

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