South Africa

Devon Duffield 

Devon is the Executive Director responsible for Delivery and Transformation across South Africa and is a Policy Board and Executive Committee member of KPMG in South Africa.
Devon is also a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange GAAP monitoring committee and is immediate past chair of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) Auditing Guidance Committee.


What attracted you to KPMG?


Initially it was the Firm’s reputation and global reach, but then some of the other top firms could offer this too. So the real differentiator in my mind was the Firm’s culture. Right from the first interview on campus, it was clear that KPMG people were people I wanted to work with and people who wanted to work with me.


Why have you stayed at KPMG?


The amount of time and money the Firm has invested in me throughout my career has been second to none. The Firm has given me every opportunity to explore different careers and roles within the Firm, both locally and globally.


However, the main reason I stay is the same reason why I joined in the first place – KPMG is filled with people who are great individuals to work and socialise with.


Have you moved around much within the Firm?


Yes, I have worked in Audit and Advisory – in South Africa and the UK. I have been the worker, the manager and the leader of businesses. I have built businesses from scratch and helped lead businesses that were already hugely successful. I have enjoyed each of these roles immensely, even my first few years as a trainee.


What does working with our clients teach you?


I think clients keep you firmly anchored in the real world. They challenge you to find innovative and effective solutions and it reminds you of why we exist as a firm. The most challenging interactions with clients are often the times we learn and grow the most as professionals and individuals.


Your advice to prospective employees?


KPMG is a great firm that is growing fast and with a range of products, services and career opportunities. We invest more than our competitors in our people’s development because our brand and our people are the only assets we have. Ultimately, however, you want to work with an organisation that has the sort of people you want to spend many hours a day with, and many years of your professional life.


Experience Summary:


1991: Joined KPMG as an Article Trainee.
1992-93/4: Progressed to Supervisor in the Audit division.
1994: Moved to Information Risk Management (IRM) function and progressed to Manager.
1995-96: Worked for IRM in London and progressed to Senior Manager.
1991-98: Senior Manager in IRM and eBusiness in South Africa.
1998-2001: Appointed Partner heading IRM in South Africa.
2001-08: Became Managing Director of the Department of Professional Practice (DPP) in South Africa.
2003 to date: Elected as member of KPMG in South Africa Policy Board.
2008 to date: Appointed Executive Director for Audit.
2011 to date: Appointed Executive Director for Delivery and Transformation.