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KPMG helps clients bridge the gap between the knowledge they need and the data they have.

  • The Challenges of Big Data

    Success in our data driven economy is as much about learning and using what you don’t know as it is about acting on what you do know. Businesses need the clarity that comes from an organizational capability to leverage data in many forms, from many places, through many methods and for a variety of purposes – all at the right time and in the right situation.

    To help clients gain that clarity, we use our industry understanding to identify the right data and apply the right analytics to give organizations actionable insights. Such an approach is the essence of the effective management of data and analytics and the reason D&A is now at the top of the business agenda.

  • KPMG’s Capabilities

    We believe that success isn’t just about having the right technology; it’s about having the right people who can use that technology to create actionable insights. That’s why our approach melds the technical depth of data scientists with the operational and industry insights of business people.

    Across industries, geographies and functions, our D&A services are geared toward making data relevant to drive measurable business value. We advise clients on how to consume, produce and govern complex information by using the right mix of historical, current and predictive analytics. In short, with our approach to D&A, we enable clients to cut through complexity and bring clarity to problem solving.

  • D&A is at our core

    At KPMG, our expertise in D&A is a natural outgrowth of our historic strengths as a Big Four auditing and accounting firm – strengths on which global markets and shareholders have relied for over a century.

    We’ve honed our D&A capabilities over decades of conducting audits, providing tax planning and compliance services, and performing risk, management, and transactions consulting – all while keeping pace with regulatory changes and evolving reporting requirements.

    The result is that we have extraordinary knowledge of and experience with our clients’ data, from strategic analyses to detailed transactional information.

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