2013 Industry Outlook Surveys
Key Perspectives on
Emerging Industry Trends

For years, KPMG’s Industry Outlook Surveys have taken the pulse of key industry sectors. This year is no different as we provide our unique insight into on-going challenges and emerging trends being reported by top industry executives. From banking to technology, healthcare to energy, you’ll find valuable perspectives on the key issues facing your industry. Today and for the next few years.
Thought Leadership

An uncertain age: Reimagining long term care in the 21st century

Avoiding Major Project Failure—Turning Black Swans White

Private Company Outlook 2013

Frontiers in Finance
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Rob Arning Photo Rob Arning
Vice Chair,
Market Development

Pat Dolan Photo Pat Dolan
National Managing Partner,
Market Development

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2013 Industry Outlook
Survey Results
A Year From Now, What Are Your Expectations For The U.S. Economy?

6% Significantly improved
54% Moderately improved
28% About the same
10% Moderately worse
2% Significantly worse