2013 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook Survey
Disruptive Forces are
Transforming the Industry

A wave of significant change is moving through the food and beverage industry, redefining how companies grow, operate, and manage risk. Rapidly advancing technology is driving much of the transformation, providing opportunities to better understand and engage with consumers through digital channels and social media. However, technology does not come without challenges, exposing companies to new areas of risk and vulnerability.

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Key Issues

Consumer Currents Issue 15

Consumer Currents Issue 14

Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2013

Agriculture and
food value chain
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Pat Dolan Photo Pat Dolan
National Line of Business Leader,
Consumer Markets

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2013 Food and Beverage
Industry Outlook Survey Results
Which of the following technology-related trends is having a significant impact on your business?

46% Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
45% Mobile/online consumer engagement
31% Mobile/online promotions and coupons
24% Mobile/online shopping
23% Ability to scan QR codes, compare products and pricing
Multiple responses allowed.