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Today’s turbulent economic landscape presents increasingly complex challenges. Liquidity and financing risks, corporate governance, risk management, regulatory reform, infrastructure development, and organizational issues caused by consolidation, growth, and systems evolution are among them.


Selecting the right professional services firm – one with the industry depth, knowledge, and insight to help clients address their most pressing issues and realize the opportunities ahead – can be critical to success.


That is why many organizations turn to KPMG’s Building, Construction & Real Estate (BC&RE) practice. With 1,500 professionals in the U.S. BC&RE practice and more than 3,000 worldwide across KPMG International’s network of member firms, we combine the responsiveness of a small firm with the resources and strategic perspective of a large, global network. These factors help us serve our clients’ needs across a broad spectrum of issues and geographies.

2016 Real Estate Industry Outlook Survey

An uneven recovery, instability in the Eurozone and other critical markets, and growing geopolitical risk has created a market increasingly characterized by the military acronym “V.U.C.A.”, or volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Investors aren’t waiting to see what happens. They are beginning to move down the risk curve in thinking about future investment and looking for safer investment options.

FIRPTA Provisions Under PATH Act of 2015

Passed at the end of 2015 by the U.S. Congress, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (“Path Act”) contains several very significant changes to the taxation of certain non-U.S. investors with respect to gain on U.S. real estate and in many instances could have positive implications for these investors.

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS): Key considerations for real estate funds

This report explores the impact on real estate funds of four of the 15 OECD actions: restricting interest deductions, restricting the use of hybrid instruments, limiting treaty benefit and expanding the permanent establishment definition.

Real Estate Accounting and Reporting: The impact of new standards and guidance

Real Estate Accounting and Reporting: The impact of new standards and guidance

Even as the economic outlook gets brighter, applying evolving accounting rules to your business realities remains a serious challenge. This document is intended to provide our perspectives on how to address the key issues you will face in your year-end activities.

Internal Audit Insights for REITs

To get a better understanding of some of the key issues that REIT Internal Audit professionals are focusing on, KPMG LLP conducted a survey on a number of topics related to third-party risks, data & analytics, (D&A) and cybersecurity, among others. The primary results of that survey are supplemented with KPMG perspectives on those topics.

UPDATED: China Inbound Investing in U.S. Real Estate

UPDATED: China Inbound Investing in U.S. Real Estate

Chinese investors have long used real estate as a core investment. As cash-rich institutions and the wealthiest family offices seek to diversify their capital away from their home country, their investment portfolio broadens to include overseas properties in developed countries such as the United States.

Digging Into Data: A Blueprint for Mega-Project Success


As today’s construction projects grow larger, more expensive and higher profile, it introduces a host of new challenges for project owners at the same time as it raises the stakes. Early technology adopters – construction firms which embrace cloud, mobile and project management innovations that enable them to extract and capitalize on incredibly rich data insights about real-time and future project performance – will be positioned for mega-project success.


Investments and acquisitions in the real estate sector: Q&A with Greg Williams

Global Construction Survey 2015: Climbing the curve

KPMG’s National Sector Leader for Asset Management discusses current challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry worldwide in a Q&A panel facilitated by Financier Worldwide magazine. Topics covered include: recent investment activity, the role emerging and frontier markets play for real estate investors, access to credit for transactions, and the near-term prospects for investment activity.


Global Construction Survey 2015: Climbing the curve

Global Construction Survey 2015: Climbing the curve

Featuring the views of 100+ senior executives from private and public organizations, KPMG’s 2015 survey focuses on the core challenges facing project owners. The results, augmented with expert commentary from KPMG’s Major Projects Advisory specialists, should enable project owners to determine their own project delivery maturity.

Crossing the Carry in Real Estate Funds

A real estate fund manager’s goal of creating the most efficient overall tax result is easily articulated and understood, but not so easily accomplished. Pursuing various structures and strategies to achieve that end—as well as the resulting reporting requirements—is more complicated than ever, calling for a thorough knowledge of available structures, investor preferences and relevant implications.

Impacts on the Construction Industry of the New Revenue Standard

Recently, the IASB and FASB released a new joint standard on revenue recognition--IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, effective 1 January 2017--that will apply to contract accounting in the construction industry.

Riding the Real Estate Renaissance

Riding the 2014 Renaissance in U.S. Commercial Real Estate presents an outlook on the U.S. Commercial Real Estate industry in 2014 and beyond. It also highlights emerging market trends that should impact the U.S. real estate sector, identifying new investment opportunities for investors and developers.

Unlock Your Real Estate Asset’s Hidden Value

While real estate investment trusts (REITs) have long provided property owners an efficient operating structure, more companies are now rethinking how to uncover additional value from their real estate assets via a REIT conversion.

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