• Industry: Investment Management
  • Date: 8/13/2014

Wealth Management 

The Road to Sustainable Growth in Wealth Management

In this paper we analyze the depth of strategic transformation incumbent upon the big U.S. wealth management firms, despite their impressive earnings growth these past few years that has been driven in large part by a strong stock market.


The Road to Sustainable Growth in Wealth Management suggests that these major firms can stay on top of a lucrative, but increasingly competitive, business by being agile in the face of the complexities and realities of a rapidly evolving industry. Industry leaders will be willing to accept change that will lead to new processes and organizational culture that focuses squarely on customers.

We expect that the next generation of industry leaders will:


  • Revamp operations to meet the growing competition among traditional rivals
  • Confront the advances made by digital upstarts
  • Take advantage of the ongoing generational wealth transfer
  • Quickly learn to adapt to the growing client pushback on current value propositions
  • Confront both the complexities and costs associated with the creation of new technology platforms needed as a foundation for the transformation. 


In this paper, Bob McGraw, a principal in KPMG Financial Services Advisory practice, suggests that major U.S. wealth management firms must position themselves for a radically changed market in the near future. He advocates an integrated overhaul that requires top-down managerial commitment to bold new strategies and resolute follow-through.  In support of this publication, KPMG developed a webcast, which includes thoughts and ideas from a host of industry professionals.Click here  to view a replay of that webcast.


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