• Industry: Banking & Capital Markets
  • Date: 3/31/2014

Growing Revenue at your Capital Markets Company 

It’s another year where capital markets businesses are facing significant challenges on the revenue side.

In our new publication, Capital Markets Industry: Strategies for competing in an era of ongoing transition (PDF 1.74 MB), we discuss the following:


  • We believe capital markets organizations must place greater attention on growing revenue by a relentless focus on serving customers in a safe, efficient, and automated way.
  • We would expect momentum to build for the establishment of more shared utilities, serving all industry participants by performing standardized work that doesn’t differentiate them from their competition.
  • Middle-office and back-office costs remain major areas where high costs, driven by duplication of efforts across product and business lines, must be addressed.


Sustainable growth for individual firms and the entire industry has little chance of taking root and flourishing without major organizational transformative initiatives being put in place. Those new initiatives, however, hinge largely on how widely a culture that readily accepts transformative change is embraced from top to bottom inside organizations.


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