Corporate Responsibility 

At KPMG LLP, we take our responsibility to each of our stakeholders seriously. As an accounting firm, we have a central responsibility as a steward of the capital markets and this obligation underscores the services we offer, the employees we hire and promote, the clients we engage with, and the way we intersect with and invest in our communities.

We’ve built a solid reputation for professionalism by delivering on our commitments in line with professional standards, our core values, and our stakeholders’ expectations; and we will continue our efforts to sustain the capital markets and our firm.

Our corporate responsibility commitments are best understood through the four pillars we use to help guide our actions—Integrity, Corporate Citizenship, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Environment. Taken together, these pillars create value for our partners, employees, clients, communities, and the capital markets we serve.

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2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

KPMG’s corporate responsibility strategy—and the business decisions we make—are driven by four pillars: Integrity, Corporate Citizenship, Diversity and Inclusion, and Living Green. This report highlights how we fulfill our corporate responsibility vision and commitment.