• Service: Audit, Tax, Advisory
  • Industry: Financial Services, Banking & Capital Markets
  • Type: Publication series, White paper
  • Date: 8/22/2011

Regulation of the Over-The-Counter Derivatives Market: Key Provisions 

The Dodd-Frank Act has more than 16 sections to address the sustainability and transparency of the U.S. financial markets. In section seven, it gives federal regulators authority to oversee the Over-The-Counter derivatives market for the first time. Key provisions of the legislation include clearing, trading, capital, margining, reporting and record-keeping requirements.
This white paper provides an overview of key derivatives provisions, including:

  • The authority given to regulators over the OTC market
  • The impact to swap dealers and swap participants
  • Derivatives clearing procedures and process changes
  • Clearing swap requirements
  • Regulators’ new role in setting capital and margining requirements
  • The swap push-out provision, which forces banks to move certain swaps to nonbank affiliates
  • Record and recordkeeping of swaps and real-time price and volume reporting