• Service: Audit, Tax, Advisory
  • Industry: Diversified Industrials, Financial Services, Banking & Capital Markets
  • Type: Publication series, White paper
  • Date: 8/7/2012

The Dodd-Frank Act — Miscellaneous Provisions: What Financial Service Companies Need to Know 

The Dodd-Frank Act impacts many financial companies through traditional rules around investor protection, consumer protection, and risk management, among other things. This paper seeks to show that Dodd-Frank’s Miscellaneous Provisions—Title XV of the Act dealing with conflict minerals and mining activities—can also apply to financial institutions directly and indirectly.

This paper provides an overview of Sections 1502, 1503 and 1504 and the possible impact to investment banks.


Section 1502 deals with “conflict

minerals” exported from the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries. Section 1503 and Section 1504 focus on mining activities. Specifically, Section 1503 promotes the disclosure of mine safety violations at U.S. mines. Section 1504 concerns financial payments to governments and government agencies for the purpose of developing oil, gas, and mineral reserves.