• Service: Advisory, Transactions & Restructuring
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 9/30/2011

U.S. Auto Manufacturers Are Picking Up Speed, Moving in the Right Directions 

Senior executives in the U.S. auto industry report growth in revenue and hiring over the past year and expect these upward trends to continue over the next year, according to KPMG LLP’s automotive pulse survey. This positive outlook is particularly noteworthy given that many economists and analysts do not expect a full U.S. economic recovery for several more years.
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Among the survey's key findings:

  • Survey respondents see North America as the largest region for potential growth, ahead of China
  • 73 percent say their companies’ revenue has increased over the past year, and 72 percent believe revenue will continue to rise next year
  • 56 percent of executives say their companies have added employees since last year, and 62 percent believe they will add more over the next year
  • 60 percent expect their companies to be involved in a merger or acquisition over the next two years, with 55 percent anticipating their role as buyer in the transaction
  • Key drivers of revenue growth during the next one-to-three years are predicted to be new geographic markets (53 percent), new models/products (48 percent), and acquisitions/joint ventures (39 percent)

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