Whatever your reasons for embarking on the initial public offering (IPO) journey, becoming a public company – or starting the process – introduces a range of potential execution, regulatory, and business challenges that must be addressed successfully.

Completing the IPO process requires a trusted advisor that can help you navigate efficiently through the journey and avoid potential roadblocks. You need experienced help not only with the offering, but also in addressing the opportunities and challenges you’ll face after the IPO.

Because it’s not just about going public – it’s about being public.

KPMG in conjunction with the NYSE and additional contributors have developed the 2013 NYSE IPO Guide which is designed to help companies considering an IPO better navigate through the process and gain an understanding of both the benefits and challenges.

Download NYSE IPO Guide

Download NYSE IPO Guide


In this guide you will learn the following:

  • Advantages of conducting an IPO
  • Potential issues and challenges
  • Preparing to go public
  • Implications of the Jobs Act

Download the iPad version >

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