• Service: Advisory, Risk Consulting, Forensic
  • Industry: Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 3/1/2011

Investigation and Protection from Data Breaches 

KPMG LLP’s Incident Response services include investigative support, intrusion detection, security monitoring, evidence collection & analysis, vulnerability assessment & remediation, expert witness testimony, liaison with law enforcement, and assistance with risk mitigate efforts of future data breaches.
KPMG LLP’s (KPMG) Incident Response (IR) team can help your organization respond to suspected data breaches and assist you in seeking to avoid them in the future. KPMG’s IR services include investigative support, intrusion detection and security monitoring, evidence collection and analysis, vulnerability assessment and remediation, expert witness testimony, and liaison with law enforcement. We can also help build your organization’s IR capabilities and assist with efforts to mitigate the risk of future data breaches.