• Industry: Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 7/2/2012

The Transformation of U.S. Healthcare: Forces, Implications, and Actions 

The current U.S. healthcare economy is unsustainable. While costs are higher than ever before, health status in the United States is not consistent with the level of spend in our healthcare economy, currently higher per capita than that of any developed nation. This lack of sustainability impacts not only patients but also every player in the industry, including providers, payors, employers, life science companies and other organizations.
The Transformation of U.S. Healthcare: Forces, Implications and Actions explores the driving forces and implications of overall healthcare transformation. It encourages industry leaders to begin thinking today about the critical action steps required to reflect organizational commitment to transformation and provides new ideas, including our unique “6x3” change matrix and revenue transformation views, for consideration as they continue their organizational journey.