• Industry: Media & Entertainment, Electronics, Software & Services, Technology
  • Type: Survey report, White paper
  • Date: 11/28/2011

Embracing the Cloud 

The survey examines three different perspectives with regard to the adoption of cloud - from senior business unit executives, corporate IT executives, and cloud service provider executives - and provides insight into the forces shaping the cloud market.
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For many, cloud's promise is more than just a shift in IT strategy; it could lead to a fundamental transformation of companies’ business models.

Cloud is creating new business opportunities as companies harness its power to facilitate new revenue, services and businesses. This survey shows an increased readiness to accept and exploit the benefits of Cloud. Most agree that Cloud offers strategic benefits, and these look likely to transform business models to offer serious competitive advantage. The vast majority of executives surveyed expect investment in 2012 to dramatically increase, with some organizations planning to spend more than a fifth of their IT budget on Cloud next year.