• Date: 10/19/2012

Human Capital Learning Survey 2012 

Companies’ finance and accounting functions are facing significant challenges developing the workforce capabilities needed to compete more effectively, according to the KPMG 2012 Human Capital and Learning Survey.

Budget constraints are an ongoing concern, and day-to-day business pressures can cause supervisors and employees themselves to forego the training opportunities that advance workforce skills and enable the entire organization to perform better, the survey finds.  In many cases, training programs are not meeting the expectations of managers and executives in the finance and accounting function. 


The KPMG 2012 Human Capital and Learning Survey was conducted in May 2012 in cooperation with the Forbes Consulting Group. A total of 107 respondents participated in the web-based survey, 52 from the human resources function and 55 from accounting/finance. All respondents were director-level or higher.


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KPMG 2012 Learning Capital Survey