Investment Management 

The global financial crisis, and governmental and marketplace response, has created an array of new challenges leading asset management organizations.


For help in navigating these challenges, many look to KPMG LLP as their adviser. With our industry depth, knowledge, and insight, we bring a multi-disciplinary approach to help our clients address their most pressing issues and achieve long-range goals. What’s more, through KPMG International's global network of member firms, we offer the capability to serve the world’s leading markets for investment management.

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    As firms work to strategically and effectively position their businesses, most are focused on:

    • Government intervention and regulatory change

    • Governance, risk, and internal controls

    • Cost optimization and operational transformation

    • Industry restructuring

    To transcend the current climate, investment managers are committed to restoring investor trust and confidence through increased transparency and enhanced reporting, while simultaneously navigating and implementing new regulatory mandates and delivering on their promise to customers. With this combination of forces, managers find themselves scrambling for ways not only to compete successfully, but to survive in a complex, competitive industry.

    A combination of global reach, deep industry knowledge and experience, and a cultural commitment to providing outstanding client service helps make KPMG the right team to serve the global investment management community.

ETF Playbook

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are expected to command increasing market share in the investment community among both institutional players as well as the consumer market. However, while the ETF space is growing by leaps and bounds, success is no sure thing. In fact, of the 204 ETFs that launched in 2014, 92 have gained less than $10 million each in assets—that’s a 45 percent flop rate.

SEC's Money Market Reforms

Arising from the difficulties that occurred during the financial crisis, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted new rules designed to reduce the risk of investor runs on money market funds in times of financial crises, and increase the transparency of risks to investors.

The Road to Sustainable Growth in Wealth Management

In our latest paper, KPMG’s Financial Services Practice outlines the myriad opportunities and headwinds that leaders in the U.S. wealth management industry are confronting. We examine transformative ideas designed to maximize future earnings, meet the challenges presented by a new breed of digital competitors, create bold new operating processes and technology platforms, and build solid connections with new and existing clients.

Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation

With this latest paper from KPMG’s Financial Services practice, we propose eight practical steps that investment management organizations may consider leveraging as they attempt to capitalize on new opportunities emerging in a fast-evolving marketplace.

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