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KPMG in Serbia offers services based on its international experience, as well as on in-depth knowledge of local legal requirements in audit, taxation and general business issues.



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Valuation Matters

Valuation Matters
Given the unprecedented pace of change and deep-seated uncertainty blowing across global markets, it should come as no surprise that – now, more than ever – Valuation Matters.


Investment in Serbia

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Investment in Serbia presents an overview of matters to be considered by those intending or doing business in Serbia.

2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Welcome To KPMG in Serbia For 18 years we support our business leaders build successful and sustainable economy. By helping organisations succeed, we help Serbia enjoy a more prosperous future.

KPMG FORENSIC: Private Dispute Resolution

KPMG FORENSIC: Private Dispute Resolution

KPMG Forensic is now well positioned to provide

alternative dispute resolution services to its

clients. The Forensic practice has experience in

assisting its clients to resolve disputes as quickly

and with as little disruption to the businesses as

possible, in as private a manner as practical.

KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS)

KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS)

The Review provides a wealth of local country transfer pricing information, and highlights documentation requirements, deadlines, transfer pricing methods, penalties, special considerations, advance pricing arrangements, and competent authority matters.

Tax rates online

Tax rated online
The online rates tool allows you to a) compare (the highest) corporate, indirect and individual income tax rates for one country, for any given year(s) and b) compare one tax type across multiple countries, for any given year(s).

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