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KPMG in Serbia offers services based on its international experience, as well as on in-depth knowledge of local legal requirements in audit, taxation and general business issues.



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Transparency report

Transparency report
The Transparency Report of KPMG d.o.o. Beograd for 2015 reflects how we continue to deliver on our commitment to build a modern and transparent firm, as a competent provider of professional opinion. You will learn about the checks and balances that we maintain to ensure the provision of professional services in full accordance with local expert and ethical standards, as well as international best practice.


Investment in Serbia

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Investment in Serbia presents an overview of matters to be considered by those intending or doing business in Serbia.

Property Lending Barometer 2015

Property Lending Barometer 2015
Property Lending Barometer 2015 assesses the prospects and terms available to real estate developers and investors, offering up the specifics of the markets as well as respondents' expectations for the next 12-18 months - invaluable information for those seeking bank financing in European markets.
Property Lending Barometer 2015 (pdf, 10.444kB)

Guide to Taxes on Real Estate

Guide to Taxes on Real Estate

Investors preferred the Office and Retail segments of property markets in CEE in 2014.
Guide to Taxes on Real Estate in Central and Eastern Europe (pdf, 2.324 kB) - Edition 2015

KPMG International Annual Review

At KPMG we have a truly global perspective.

Annual Review

Quality, clients, innovation, talent and community. Focusing on these with passion, purpose and perspective has a measurable impact for our clients, our people and the world.

Leading Global Fintech Innovators Report 2015

Fintech 2015

The Fintech 100 are those companies using technology to the best advantage and driving disruption within the financial services industry. These companies have a commitment to excellence, superior customer experience and a demonstrated ability to do one thing in a market better than everyone else.

Anti-bribery & Corruption in CEE: Non-compliance has a cost

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Rising to the challenge in the age of globalization.

KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS)

KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS)

The Review provides a wealth of local country transfer pricing information, and highlights documentation requirements, deadlines, transfer pricing methods, penalties, special considerations, advance pricing arrangements, and competent authority matters.
KPMG’s Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS) (pdf, 623 kB) 

Tax rates online

Tax rated online
The online rates tool allows you to a) compare (the highest) corporate, indirect and individual income tax rates for one country, for any given year(s) and b) compare one tax type across multiple countries, for any given year(s).

European Debt Sales 2016 report

European Debt Sales

In European Debt Sales 2016 report we identify and discuss those key topics relevant to the European bank deleveraging landscape that we think will take centre stage in 2016. We have also analyzed how the loan sale markets performed in 2015 across more than twenty European countries in our “Country profiles” section, highlighting major transactions and milestones reached, new market developments, and how these factors will affect 2016.

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