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Risk Consulting 

Organisations of all kinds are being expected to get better at identifying, understanding and managing the risks they face.

    To varying degrees, all organisations are exposed to risks associated with:


    • Technical accounting and reporting requirements
    • Effectiveness of internal audit functions
    • Enterprise risk management programmes
    • Legislative and regulatory non-compliance
    • Fraud and misconduct
    • Commercial disputation and litigation
    • Climate change and other environmental issues
    • Technological change
    • Business continuity.


    Given the breadth and complexity of the typical organisational risk profile, it’s increasingly recognised that risk management can’t be the responsibility of a single individual or department — rather it has to be embedded across the organisation


    Tougher expectations by regulators and other stakeholders now mean that corporates and financial institutions should demonstrate better discipline, control and responsibility. Failure to keep on top of and comply with existing and emerging regulation could jeopardise reputations and livelihoods. How robust is your government, risk and compliance programme?


    KPMG Risk Consulting works with organisations and other relevant stakeholders to help them better understand their risk exposures and develop robust control systems and measures. Our experienced risk and compliance professionals offer timely and practical advice.


    Our services include:


    • Accounting Advisory Services – will assist with becoming compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards, and will advise your business about all technical accounting and reporting requirements
    • Financial Risk Management – to assist you in defining, support and implementing risk strategies, actuarial and risk analytics as well as assisting you to comply with all necessary regulatory and compliance legislation and regulations
    • Forensic – who will assist clients to prevent, detect and respond to fraud, misconduct and non-compliance with expectations, and provide assistance in resolving disputes
    • Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services – to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programmes, reviews of third party relationships, risk and controls management and sustainability programmes
    • IT Advisory – which focuses on the risks specifically pertaining to the technology systems used to support clients’ business objectives through providing advice and solutions that assist in releasing value from information technology.


Herman De Beer

Herman De Beer

MD for Forensic South Africa

+27 (0)82 719 2533

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