South Africa

KPMG Ethics & Fraud Hotline 

The KPMG Ethics & Fraud Hotline is a tool that may be used by any person irrespective of position or seniority (employee, client or supplier) to report issues of concern that might otherwise be difficult to deal with through normal channels. The KPMG Ethics Line ensures that a caller reporting an incident remains anonymous.

The KPMG Ethics Line has been in existence for over 15 years making agents at our forensic call centre some of the most experienced in South Africa. Our forensic agents have extensive expertise and are intimately familiar with the ethical issues facing business in South Africa today.

We are fully aware of the Protected Disclosure Act, 26 of 2000 and support the aims and objectives of this Act. We therefore ensure that our service is conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
The KPMG Ethics Line is a valuable tool for employees and organisations alike:


  • As an Organisational Tool
    We provide organisations (management) with a valuable pool of information that can improve processes, resolve issues and prevent financial losses.

  • As an Employee Tool
    We provide employees with a confidential conduit to assist them in reporting sensitive information (to management) without fear of retribution.


Shirley Ivason-Wagener
Tel: 082 714 0278

KPMG Fraud Risk Management Assessment

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