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South Africa has one of the world's largest synthetic fuels industries, which accounts for nearly all of its domestic liquid fuels supply.

Powering ahead

South Africa's energy sector is critical to the economy as the country relies heavily on its large-scale, energy-intensive mining industry. South Africa has only small deposits of conventional oil and natural gas and uses its large coal deposits for most of its energy needs, particularly in the electricity sector. Most of the oil consumed in the country, used mainly in the transportation sector, is imported from large producers in the Middle East and West Africa and is locally refined. South Africa also has a highly developed synthetic fuels industry, producing gasoline and diesel fuels from coal and natural gas. The synthetic fuels industry accounts for nearly all of the country's domestically produced petroleum since crude oil production is trivial.


Responding to industry issues


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Major Projects: Investing in the future


Energy companies re-evaluate their projects to ensure it will deliver value of the business, while ensuring effective risk and project management, controls and practices apply. 


Shale Gas: A new global energy landscape


Shale Gas is transforming the energy sector, with the exploitation of significant shale reserves in various regions it is changing the face of the energy sector.
Transactions: Expanding your business


Energy companies are managing their risks and obligations, while moving to grow and focus their business through investments and transactions.


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