South Africa

Life Balance 

The well-balanced family: we think you should be able to choose your professional family. Of course you might choose KPMG for any number of reasons – our professional reputation, our resources, prestigious client base, competitive packages, etc. That’s all good, but what about the working environment we create and the way we treat our employees?

As a hard-working KPMG professional, your life is going to need balance. We’re talking about getting out to mingle with people, not numbers and stats. Don’t worry, though; you won’t have to instigate a thing. Our offices organise social activities and events, including formal dinners, soccer days, theatre evenings and year-end parties. There’s a long list of fun to be had and we do have fun!

And when the going gets tough (as it will from time to time), our exam support programme will help you get back on track. But more than just exam support, this programme will give you the tools and support you need to pass many of life’s tests, including company priorities, tight deadlines or overtime. We’ll help you find balance at KPMG.

Ask those already working for KPMG what sets us apart and most will tell you the same thing: it’s our open and friendly culture that creates a sense of belonging. It’s all part of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

At KPMG, it’s all about being open-minded in accepting and sharing new ideas and understanding that you are entitled to develop your career at your own pace, according to your own priorities. It’s about honest and friendly communication, both with your colleagues and KPMG’s clients. It’s about living our values.