Energy and Sustainability Tax Services 

KPMG can help you leverage tax benefits whether you are expanding, relocating, investing in green facilities, or making capital expenditures. We can assist with site selection and securing incentives (i.e., employment and investment tax credits, sales and use tax exemptions, property tax abatements, training grants, utility cost reduction, green incentives, and rebates and capital investment grants).
Our energy/sustainability professionals include federal, state, and global incentive specialists along with global location and expansion professionals. All of our people work together to help ensure that your organization captures the potential tax benefits and incentives that relate to a given energy sustainability project.
Our professionals have assisted a number of companies across a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Reviewing planned R&D facility investment for a multinational consumer products company ,which identified opportunities related to federal energy credits, R&D deductions and credits, fixed asset related opportunities, and state and local employee related incentives
  • Reviewing energy efficient data centers and production facilities for a large software technology company, which identified opportunities related to energy efficient building deductions, R&D deductions and credits, and current deductions for repairs and maintenance in lieu of capitalization
  • Reviewing store upgrades and a distribution facility for a large retailer, which identified opportunities related to energy efficient building deductions, current deductions for repair and maintenance in lieu of capitalization, and various state and local incentives
  • Assisting with 48C credits for investments in an advanced-qualified energy manufacturing property with application to grant success rate far exceeding national average
  • Assisting with modeling, structuring, and documenting tax equity and sale leaseback deals for investors and developers involved in renewable energy financing arrangements

For more information, please contact:

Christine Kachinsky

Adam Uttley

KPMG's Green Tax Index

KPMG Green Tax Index


KPMG’s Green Tax Index is a KPMG International study that analyzed incentives and penalties in 21 major economies, focusing on key policy areas such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, carbon emissions, green innovation, and green buildings. It provides companies with a guide to help evaluate benefits and returns from their sustainability-related projects.

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