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Our M&A tax group provides a wide range of tax services covering all types of domestic and cross-border transactions.  We have a global network of specialist M&A tax advisers that can help you to understand the issues and maximise value via effective structuring strategies and a commercial approach to tax due diligence.

What's on your mind?


  • How to structure the acquisition or disposal of an asset or a company tax efficiently.
  • The need to identify historic and future tax exposures in the target and determine how the issues identified should be dealt with in negotiations, deal execution and post transaction planning.
  • How to incentivise and retain key staff and optimise their tax position via management incentive planning.
  • How to structure the transaction to ensure tax efficient future debt servicing and repayment.
  • How to achieve tax efficient returns to shareholders on a future exit or refinancing.


Bringing you peace of mind


  • Our M&A team provides a broad range of tax advice covering all types of M&A transactions including acquisitions, disposals, restructurings, refinancing and initial public offerings.
  • We use KPMG's global network of specialist M&A tax advisers that can help you understand the issues and maximise value via effective structuring strategies.
  • We provide an integrated approach across all geographic locations, co-ordinated centrally by a dedicated M&A tax team based in the UK firm.


What's in it for you?


  • Commercially focused tax due diligence which  provides an understanding of the tax position of the target and identifies deal breakers early in the transaction process.
  • Ensuring disposals are structured to utilise all available exemptions and reliefs.
  • Acquisition structures tailored to your specific needs, providing flexibility on exit and/or refinancing.
  • Ensuring the management equity and incentive arrangements are structured to achieve the commercial objectives and limit the tax cost.




  • KPMG in the UK can offer a dedicated team of experienced M&A tax specialists chosen to suit the individual transaction.
  • Our network of M&A tax specialists located in our overseas member firms use a common methodology and reporting format.
  • The tax implications of a transaction can be managed by this team through the deal cycle, from the initial due diligence phase through structuring and SPA negotiation to considering post deal implementation.


Philip Brook

Philip Brook

Head of M&A Tax

KPMG in the UK

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Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions features information from 60 countries on their current laws and regulations and the possible implications for tax-efficient structuring and financing of a merger or acquisition. Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions can be used as a valuable tool to understand the tax impacts of transactions worldwide.