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Transparency Report 


UK Annual Report (including Transparency Report) 2014 (PDF 3 MB)

We believe that our clients and wider stakeholders deserve a clear articulation of the steps that we take to uphold our professional obligations and responsibilities and to understand how we ensure delivery of the highest quality in all of our services. Our Transparency Report (this year included within our Annual Report) seeks to explain how we do this at KPMG. It is prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Statutory Auditors (Transparency) Instrument 2008 issued by the Professional Oversight Board of the Financial Reporting Council.


If you would like to speak to us about any matter covered in our latest Transparency report please contact us.

View the 2014 Annual Report (including the Transparency Report) (PDF 3 MB)


UK Annual Report 2014

UK Annual Report 2014


This year, we continued on our three year journey of transformation to become the clear choice. We stimulated growth in our business, turned the spotlight back up on our Values and reflected on and communicated our Purpose.


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