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Risk Consulting 

To be successful in today’s constantly changing world, you need to take control of risk. No business can eradicate risk, but it can be made more manageable. KPMG firms are among the leaders in helping companies address weaknesses in their risk management processes, including combining risk model data with human judgment more effectively, initiating stress testing and scenario planning, and putting in place systems that reward long-term stability and not just short-term profit.

    Why KPMG?


    To us risk management is not just a box-ticking exercise, carried out in the back office with little input from individuals on the front line. 


    This approach is short-sighted and can lead to less acceptance in the executive suite. Risk Management is not simply the task of a single department; it is the responsibility of everyone, from the CEO down.


    How we can help


    At KPMG we offer a holistic approach.Our experienced risk consulting professionals offer timely and practical advice, drawing on KPMG’s Advisory services that include:



    Accounting Advisory Services


    Our Accounting Advisory Services practice works with our clients on a range of important matters that can have a significant accounting ramifications, including:


    • Converting to international financial reporting standards.
    • Initial public offerings.
    • Improving the speed and quality of financial reporting.
    • Improvements in the financial process chain.
    • Merger and acquisition activity.



    Financial Risk Management


    In our work with clients we highlight concerns and help improve processes, governance and strategy across a range of matters, including:


    • Credit Risk
    • Market Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Insurance Risk
    • Economic Capital Management
    • Actuarial Services & Financial Statement Support
    • Capital Adequacy & Regulatory Services
    • Financial Instruments Accounting



Internal Audit, Risk Consulting


The internal audit function and risk controls management are often at the forefront in dealing with the following complex matters;


    • Strategic sourcing (right resources, right place, right time)
    • Enterprise risk management (structure risk identification, monitoring, reporting, optimizing)
    • Regulatory compliance (including SOX)
    • Contract compliance
    • Corporate governance
    • Global sustainability/climate change
    • Continuous auditing, monitoring
    • Integrated assurance



    IT Advisory


    For multinationals, dealing with compliance in different jurisdictions adds a layer of complexity, while efforts to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and the like have highlighted the underperformance of IT as a strategic business enabler. An effective, well managed IT system is one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can secure. The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. 





    The changing nature of business has created new opportunities, but has also highlighted new risks and potential threats including:


    • Increased sophistication of fraud, organized crime and terrorism more complex legislation and regulations, some with increasing extra territorial reach.
    • Challenges around technology
    • Complex cross-border disputes
    • Pitfalls from expanding into emerging markets
    • Dependencies on unfamiliar business partners and more complex supply and distribution channels
    • Theft and misuse of intellectual property



Neil Bhola


Senior Manager, Advisory


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Are you ready for FATCA?

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For financial institutions worldwide, the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act represents a major challenge and arrives at a time when these institutions already face a range of significant compliance and regulatory pressures.  "Are you ready for FATCA?" outlines the updated FATCA compliance timeline and KPMG's 3-phase methodology and approach for delivering a structured, pragmatic and cost effective process towards FATCA compliance for our clients. 

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