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KPMG Institutes is dedicated to helping organisations and their stakeholders identify and understand emerging trends, risks and opportunities.

KPMG Institutes Singapore

Each KPMG institute focuses on a specific industry or business issue and provides business professionals an open forum to exchange insights, share leading practices, and access to the latest thought leadership.



An Asia Pacific Survey: The View from the Top

Titled The View from the Top, the study surveyed 178 CEOs, managing directors, business owners and chairmen of large companies based in Asia Pacific to find out more about their changing views and expectations of the finance function. Some 39 percent of respondents are from the ASEAN region, out of which 16 percent are based in Singapore.

Balancing Rules and Flexibility

The report is intended to stimulate discussion on how CG requirements can be best defined and enforced both within and across markets. This is particularly relevant to developing countries seeking to grow their economies and capital markets.

The Singapore Directors' Toolkit

Directors play a critical role in shaping the corporate governance culture and framework within companies. Greater understanding of the requirements and how to apply them in practice is essential to improve governance standards. To support directors in their challenging role, KPMG in Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) have jointly developed The Singapore Directors’ Toolkit.