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The KPMG Board & Governance Institute (BGI) provides Board members with a resource to keep abreast of current and emerging issues. The BGI offers thought leadership on trends and current topics which would interest Board members. The BGI also provides a range of resources including publications, topical forums, seminars and roundtables to host the exchange of views and insights on board and governance leading practices and processes, and other topics of interest to board members.

On the 2016 Board Agenda

On the 2016 Board Agenda
Six things that boards should keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2016 agendas.

Standing in good stead: Enhancing accountability of public finances over 25 years

Standing in good stead: Enhancing accountability of public finances over 25 years
This broad and high level review of Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) Reports dating back 25 years from 1989 provides interesting insights into trends, root causes and what they mean.

Calibrating strategy and risk: A board’s-eye view

Calibrating strategy and risk: A board’s-eye view
Our latest Pulse Survey finds that Global and Singapore boards are deepening their involvement in strategy and refining their understanding and oversight of the critical risks facing the company.

Family Governance

Family Governance
Family businesses represent a significant portion of businesses globally – yet few survive into the third generation and beyond.

Corporate Governance: A Delicate Balancing Act

KPMG hosted a forum to launch a study of corporate governance requirements across 25 markets in November 2014. A high-powered panel was formed to discuss the findings and implications of the report. A recap of the panel discussion can be found here.

The Cyber Security Challenge

In this edition of Global Boardroom Insights, we take a deep dive into this issue, exploring key elements of effective cyber risk oversight and governance – from understanding key vulnerabilities and integrating cyber security into the overall risk management program, to ensuring effective communication and reporting from the CIO (or equivalent role) and having a robust cyber-incident response plan in place.

Balancing Rules and Flexibility

The report is intended to stimulate discussion on how CG requirements can be best defined and enforced both within and across markets. This is particularly relevant to developing countries seeking to grow their economies and capital markets.

The Singapore Directors' Toolkit

Directors play a critical role in shaping the corporate governance culture and framework within companies. Greater understanding of the requirements and how to apply them in practice is essential to improve governance standards. To support directors in their challenging role, KPMG in Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) have jointly developed The Singapore Directors’ Toolkit.

Radical thinking required to harness tech and our cities

The WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) Asia Institute was recently held in Singapore from 3 to 4 Sept 2014. A summary of the panel discussions that included topics such as ways to harness tech, new markets and megacities.

Enhancing Governance Disclosures (Practice Note Issue 1, June 2014)

A KPMG study examined all SGX queries issued between 1-30 April 2014 in relation to annual report disclosures. Remuneration and risk management and internal control disclosures were common areas requiring improvement. Checklists and illustrative guidance provided.

Simplifying risk governance: getting the basics right

Insights from ISCA-KPMG "Towards better risk governance: a study of listed companies 2013". A summary of the panel discussion and key findings from the study looking at risk governance disclosures.

Towards better risk governance

"Towards better risk governance: a study of Singapore listed companies 2013" looked at risk management disclosures of 250 listed companies in Singapore. The study was conducted to assess the state of adoption of risk management practices by listed companies, especially in the light of the revised Code of Corporate Governance.

The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013

The survey provides a snapshot of current global trends in corporate responsibility (CR) reporting.

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Technology Issues and Agenda

With increased complexity associated with information technology, board and audit committees need to keep abreast of requirements and processes to mitigate potential exposures. Additional insights and guidance can be found at the Technology Issues and Agenda page.