KPMG Audit Committee Institute 

Recognising the importance of audit committees, the KPMG Audit Committee Institute (ACI) provides audit committee members and members of boards with a resource to help them keep up to date on current and emerging issues.

The ACI offers thought leadership on trends and current topics which would interest audit committees. The ACI also provides a range of resources including publications, topical forums, seminars and roundtables to host the exchange of views and insights on audit committee leading practices and processes, and other topics of interest to members of boards and audit committees.

Governance of central banks

Governance of central banks
Focuses on central banks’ governance, how they are addressing challenges and what are the emerging issues they face. Identifies the characteristics and underlying principles of effective financial oversight and, using publicly available information, highlight some of the key aspects of implementing these principles.

KPMG’s 2015 Global Audit Committee Survey

KPMG’s 2015 Global Audit Committee Survey
KPMG’s 2015 Global Audit Committee Survey identifies broad trends and detailed country data on audit committee challenges and concerns in different geographies. AC members agreed that economic and political uncertainty and volatility, regulatory compliance, and operational risk pose the greatest challenges for companies in the year ahead.

Audit Committee Workload – Keeping an Eye on the Ball

Audit Committee Workload – Keeping an Eye on the Ball
In this edition of Global Boardroom Insights, several key insights from audit committee chairs shed light on how audit committee agendas are evolving, and approaches that seasoned chairs are taking to help the committee focus its time and energy on the issues that matter most.

The Guidebook for Audit Committees in Singapore (Second Edition)

The Guidebook for Audit Committees in Singapore (Second Edition)
A number of changes have been made to the Singapore Exchange (SGX) Listing Rules, particularly in relation to disclosure requirements regarding internal controls, as well as to the Singapore Corporate Governance Code 2012(CG Code).

The Guidebook for Audit Committees in Singapore (Slides)

Presentation slides for the briefing on the revised Guidebook for ACs, which include market insights on the impact of increasing demands and changing expectations placed on the ACs.

Panel Discussion on Revised Guidebook for Audit Committees

KPMG hosted a forum to discuss the launch of the revised Guidebook for Audit Committees in September 2014. A high powered panel was formed to discuss the key takeaways for AC members and potential impact on companies. A recap of the panel discussion can be found here.

Audit Committee Effectiveness

With more than 50% of audit committee members responding to the KPMG 2014 Global Audit Committee Survey stating it is becoming “increasingly difficult” to oversee major risks in addition to the committee’s core responsibilities, this issue of Global Boardroom Insights, revisits the fundamentals of audit committee effectiveness.

The Cyber Security Challenge

In this edition of Global Boardroom Insights, we take a deep dive into this issue, exploring key elements of effective cyber risk oversight and governance – from understanding key vulnerabilities and integrating cyber security into the overall risk management program, to ensuring effective communication and reporting from the CIO (or equivalent role) and having a robust cyber-incident response plan in place.

Cyber Security for Audit Committees

This publication provides an introduction to cyber security for audit committees. It discusses the role of audit committees in cyber security as well as the consideration of cyber threats as part of the company’s risk management process.

KPMG Global Audit Committee Survey 2014

This survey of 1,500 audit committee members in more than 34 countries helps to identify the key challenges and concerns facing audit committees, boards, and their companies. It will serve as an important reference for audit committees and boards.

Audit Committee Priorities 2014

To help audit committees and boards meet these and other governance challenges of the coming year, KPMG's Audit Committee Institute (ACI) has published its Audit Committee Priorities for 2014, highlighting issues that should be top-of-mind for every audit committee as they shape their 2014 agenda.

Audit Quality and Communications with Shareholders and Others

In this report, seasoned directors from the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States speak about a range of issues concerning audit quality and communications.

Towards better risk governance: a study of Singapore listed companies

This publication looked at risk management disclosures of 250 listed companies in Singapore. The study was conducted to assess the state of adoption of risk management practices by listed companies, especially in the light of the revised Code of Corporate Governance.

Taking the pulse: survey of internal audit in Singapore 2013

As pressure mounts worldwide for internal audit functions to provide greater assurance over a wider area of the company’s operations, many internal auditors here find themselves underequipped, under-resourced and under-appreciated
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Technology Issues and Agenda

With increased complexity associated with information technology, board and audit committees need to keep abreast of requirements and processes to mitigate potential exposures. Additional insights and guidance can be found at the Technology Issues and Agenda page.