Tax efficiency: KPMG's services 

Do you know:

  • The amount of tax payments due in the next period?
  • The worth of financial resources ‘frozen’ in deferred tax assets and in VAT that was not offset?
  • The ways to avoid having tax returns adjusted?
  • The tax burden on other companies in your industry?
    • Are you sure that:

      • Your company has the correct tax indicators?
      • Your company is not overpaying taxes?
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Alina Soloviova
Head of Tax Efficiency

+7 495 937 44 77

A tax efficient business is structured to provide the optimum level of tax burden while minimizing expenses from maintaining the business processes and tax risks.

How KPMG could help?

We suggest concentrating on the following areas by adopting a unified approach, determining and allocating responsibilities, and providing timely actions and control of tax processes:

Our experience:

    Our task: 30% of a company’s working capital was ‘frozen’ in VAT.
    Result: We offset VAT and ‘unfroze’ all 30% of the working capital.

    Our task: A company was unable to offset 83% of VAT on purchased goods on time.
    Result: We have developed a process of timely VAT offset through which 85% of VAT is refunded during the submission period.

    Our task: A group of companies’ effective tax rate exceeded 37%.
    Result: We helped the company to reduce the effective profits tax rate to 20%.

Our approach

Please find more detailed information on the tax efficiency by the following link: