Deal Advisory 

The Deal Advisory team is composed of KPMG professionals who are experts in financial and strategic advisory for clients who are considering, or are in the process of, transactions encompassing disposal, acquisition or merge of businesses, their valuation or financial restructuring. Each and every one of our advisors is competent and sufficiently experienced to propose best tailored tools, solutions and scope of services addressing the needs.

Krzysztof W. Klamut

Krzysztof W. Klamut

Partner, Head of M&A, Deal Advisory, KPMG in Poland

+48 (22) 528 12 25

Rafał Owczarek

Rafał Owczarek

Partner, Head of Transaction Services, Deal Advisory, KPMG in Poland

+48 (22) 528 12 00

Tomasz Wiśniewski

Tomasz Wiśniewski

Partner, Head of Valuation, Deal Advisory, KPMG in Poland

+ 48 (22) 528 12 08


The Financing Team operating within the Corporate Finance Group comprises more than 230 advisers in 14 countries, who have a considerable experience in respective products and sectors. In order to determine the strategies and financing sources which will prove favorable for potential clients our team takes benefit of the profound knowledge on international financial markets and direct contacts with some of the leading financial institutions worldwide and in Poland.



Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions transactions typically raise complex financial, regulatory and operational issues. While price remains a critical factor for acquirers and sellers, and can be maximized (or optimized) due to advice of seasoned M&A professionals, there are still dozens of other matters which should be managed effectively and in parallel in order to successfully complete the deal. This is where KPMG M&A can help.

KPMG’s practice assists corporations, private businesses and private equity clients in investigating, executing and closing transactions in various industries. KPMG’s M&A scope of assistance covers the entire gamut of issues related to successful transaction closure and hence we have been ranked as the #1 advisor in Poland and globally for many years.



Transaction Services

KPMG is one of the leading firms providing transaction advisory services in the world. In 63 countries KPMG Transaction Services Departments employ approximately 3,500 professionals providing various services supporting capital transactions including mergers, acquisitions and Initial Public Offering (IPO) transactions.



Valuation Services

Management Boards are often facing critical decisions - acquisitions, resolving a shareholder dispute or seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value. They may as well be under pressure by shareholders, regulators, tax authorities or auditors expecting them to prepare value analyses and/or implement value-based solutions. At such strategic time, it is highly recommended to seek the services of an experienced business valuations team, which can demonstrate both sound theoretical background and years of experience.

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