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  • Date: 22/03/2012

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Indirect Tax

We can help you with GST compliance, property, software based reviews of systems and cross border issues.

GST review - manage your risk and cash flows 

Effective and efficient GST processes

With the increased emphasis on indirect tax compliance, businesses need to properly manage their GST risk and cash flows.  It's important for you to have confidence in your GST processes.

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GST review benefits

  • Confidence that the GST return you have lodged with the IRD is correct.


  • Identifying any issues prior to Inland Revenue review.


  • Demonstrating to Inland Revenue that you have taken reasonable care in complying with your tax obligations.


  • Reducing the risk of any interest and penalties, imposed by the IRD, for any mistakes made in the GST reporting process.


  • Identifying cash flow benefits as well as identifying improvements to the efficiency of your current system.


Our GST review technology tools and processes mirror those adopted by the IRD in a computer assisted verification audit.


We can assist your organisation


For more information about a GST review, contact our Indirect Tax team.

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