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A successful FATCA project 

FATCA in New Zealand


Follow these steps to successfully progress your FATCA project. Also see our comprehensive list of FATCA resources.

  • Raise awareness – Socialise the issues and get your organisation’s management engaged.

  • Assign project ownership – Assess your resourcing requirements, create a project plan and ensure you have the necessary budget and resources.

  • Use your compliance and governance framework to establish parameters for the FATCA project.

  • Understand the requirements – Review the regulations, agreements and guidance, understand how FATCA works.

  • Understand industry specific issues – Talk to industry associations, read submissions made to the IRS and read available publications.

  • Know what is ahead – Understand the areas of uncertainty, what is the timeline and what might change?  How would an inter-government agreement impact your organisation?

  • Do an impact analysis – Consider if FATCA applies to you.  What activities are impacted? What are your options?

  • Leverage current projects – What are you doing for Anti Money Laundering?  Can you include FATCA requirements?

  • Consider what support you will need – What tools do you have?  What do you need to purchase or create?


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