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A successful FATCA project 

FATCA in New Zealand


Follow these steps to successfully progress your FATCA project. Also see our comprehensive list of FATCA resources.

  • Raise awareness – Socialise the issues and get your organisation’s Management and key decision makers engaged.

  • Assign project ownership – Assess your resourcing requirements, create a project plan and ensure you have the necessary budget and resources.

  • Use your compliance and governance framework to establish parameters for the FATCA project.

  • Understand the requirements – Review the FATCA regulations and guidance to understand how FATCA works.

  • Understand industry specific issues – Talk to industry associations and your peers, read Inland Revenue guidance and submissions made to the IRS and stay up to date with KPMG's publications on FATCA.

  • Know what is coming up – Understand the areas of uncertainty, what is the timeline and what might change? 

  • Do an impact analysis – Consider if FATCA applies to you.  What activities will be impacted? What are your options?

  • Leverage current projects – What are you doing for Anti Money Laundering and to know your client?  Can you include FATCA requirements within these existing processes?

  • Consider what support you will need – What tools do you have?  What do you need to purchase or create?


NZ Intergovernmental Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with the United States


Inland Revenue Guidance for Financial Institutions


Other FATCA resources

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FATCA and the funds industry: Defining the path

FATCA and the funds industry: Defining the path
KPMG surveyed in 12 countries to look at the key challenges the industry needs to address as a matter of urgency to prepare for FATCA implementations.