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calculator and NZ flag Business tax proposals announced [PDF: 639KB] 14/04/2016
The Government has announced the next phase of Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation changes, this time aimed at business taxation.
People meeting Navigating Holidays Act issues [PDF: 516KB] 8/04/2016
There are numerous stories in the media about employers making holiday pay calculation errors. It appears tens of thousands of employees may be affected.
Wellington Beehive 2015 Tax Bills reported back [PDF: 598KB] 23/03/2016
Two 2015 Tax Bills have been reported back from the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee of Parliament with a number of changes. Taxmail review these changes.
Global mobility A Diamond in the rough: taxpayer wins residence case [PDF: 504KB] 01/03/2016
A New Zealand Court of Appeal decision, Diamond v CIR (2015), impacts New Zealanders looking to move overseas, current expatriates, and those looking to invest or spend time here.
Australia GST Tax changes Australian GST changes will impact Kiwi businesses [PDF: 676KB] 29/02/2016
Australia has introduced legislation to implement its version of the GST “remote services” rule. From 1 July 2017, sales of digital content and other services to Australian consumers by non-resident suppliers, including New Zealand businesses, will be subject to Australian GST.
International Tax Automatic Exchange – 1 July 2017 implementation announced [PDF: 599KB] 23/02/2016
Automatic exchange of information (AEOI) is coming to New Zealand from 1 July 2017. This is earlier than previously indicated by the Government.
GST Goodbye 2015! Welcome 2016? [PDF: 394KB] 18/12/2015
GST GST on remote services / land withholding tax introduced [PDF: 491KB] 17/11/2015
A Tax Bill introduced yesterday applies GST to “remote services” and implements the Government’s Residential Land Withholding Tax (“RLWT”).
Company Tax Employee share scheme tax avoidance alert [PDF: 683KB] 13/11/2015
The Revenue Alert focusses on employee share purchase arrangements that are legal form acquisitions but not, as a matter of substance.
Company Tax New PAYE and tax framework proposals – an initial reaction [PDF: 536KB] 12/11/2015
The Government has released the first two detailed consultation documents for Inland Revenue’s “Business Transformation” journey. They cover the tax administration framework and the future operation of PAYE and GST.
Property Tax Bright-line property tax rule nears enactment [PDF: 444KB] 21/10/2015
The Finance and Expenditure Committee of Parliament has reported back on the Bright-line Test for Residential Land. The Bill is now awaiting enactment.
International Tax BEPS – the OECD nails it? [PDF: 610KB] 12/10/2015
Taxmail focuses on New Zealand’s path to BEPS implementation, whether we proceed with the OECD’s recommendations.
GST GST – something for everyone [PDF: 440KB] 18/09/2015
Officials have released proposals to change the GST rules for a number of commercial activities.
Close company tax changes Proposal to reduce tax cost to shareholders welcome [PDF: 613KB] 17/09/2015
Officials have released a proposal to make it easier for companies to ensure their shareholders, particularly minority shareholders, are not tax disadvantaged when tax losses are offset and dividends paid.
Close company tax changes Close company tax changes [PDF: 559KB] 10/09/2015
The Issues Paper is an important document for New Zealand’s many privately owned businesses. Its implementation should allow them to make informed choices with clear outcomes. The document will repay close review.
R&D Tax Bill reported back R&D Tax Bill reported back [PDF: 598KB] 08/09/2015
While the Select Committee recommended a number of useful improvements to the Bill, these are relatively minor in nature.
Positive debt capitalisation change announced Positive debt capitalisation change announced [PDF: 527KB] 04/09/2015
We welcome confirmation that legislation to be introduced in early 2016 will comprehensively address the uncertainty created by Inland Revenue’s view that debt capitalisations are tax avoidance.
Withholding tax on foreign property sellers Withholding tax on foreign property sellers [PDF: 582KB] 01/09/2015
The residential land withholding tax is another example of the move towards withholding “at source”, a trend which is likely to continue as Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation gets underway.
Property bright-line test Property bright-line test [PDF: 483KB] 25/08/2015
The Government’s draft legislation has not taken into account the various concerns about the bright-line test raised by KPMG and others during June’s consultations.
GST on imported services and low-value goods GST on imported services [PDF: 458KB] 18/08/2015
The proposal to collect GST on imported services and digital content (e.g. music, movies and streaming) is consistent with global trends and best practice.
Taxmail DTA in force Growth Beyond Auckland [PDF: 244KB] 27/07/2015
The Government is proposing to make it more attractive for new immigrants to settle in towns and cities outside Auckland.
Taxmail DTA in force New Tax Bill introduced/Canada DTA in force [PDF: 516KB] 3/07/2015
A new Taxation Bill has been introduced into Parliament, containing IRD’s business transformation progress and new rules around taxing employee share scheme. Plus the Double Tax Agreement (DTA) between Canada and New Zealand has come into force.
Taxmail Capital gains tax Budget property tax rules will ring fence losses [PDF: 528KB] 1/07/2015
Inland Revenue has released an issues paper on how the residential tax announced in the Government’s Budget will work, including a proposal to ring fence losses generated under the rule to other land income.
Taxmail Capital gains tax Land sold within two years to be taxed [PDF: 673KB] 18/05/2015
Ahead of this week’s Budget, the Government has announced measures to tax certain residential property sales and increase disclosure requirements on such transactions.
View this Taxmail translated in Chinese [PDF: 763KB]
Taxmail Australian Federal Budget Australian Budget 13/05/2015
A key focus of the 2015 Australian Budget, is supporting small business (turnover less than A$2 million) with a tax package that includes a company tax cut from 30% to 28.5% and immediate tax deductions for assets less than A$20,000.
Taxmail Australian Federal Budget Australian Government targets sales to Australia [PDF: 630KB] 12/05/2015
Ahead of the 2015 Federal Budget, the Australian Treasurer has announced two measures to “strengthen Australia’s tax system”.
Taxmail employee share scheme Proposals will increase tax on related-party debt [PDF: 627KB] 8/05/2015
IRD & Treasury are proposing changes to NZ’s Non-Resident Withholding Tax rules. This will increase related-party debt costs for NZ business.
Taxmail employee share scheme KPMG welcomes proposal to simplify tax for employee share scheme
[PDF: 101KB]
Inland Revenue is looking at simplifying the tax collection on employee share schemes to reduce compliance cost barriers to the uptake of these schemes.
Taxmail Rethinking Tax Re-thinking Tax: Australia and New Zealand [PDF: 110KB] 1/04/2015
How changes to the Australian tax system could impact New Zealand + a vision for the future of the NZ tax system.
Taxmail Rethinking Tax Making Tax Simpler [PDF: 142KB] 1/04/2015
The Government has started the conversation to bring New Zealand’s tax administration into the 21st century.
Taxmail Government tax A busy year ahead - Government's tax priorities for 2015/16 [PDF: 106KB] 20/03/2015
The Government released its tax policy work programme. Business Transformation and Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) feature heavily.
Taxmail Customs and Excise review Review of Customs and Excise Act [PDF: 99KB] 18/03/2015
Nearly twenty years since its enactment, the Customs and Excise Act is finally being reviewed.
Taxmail Debt Capitalisation Debt capitalisation II - Inland Revenue finalises its view [PDF: 95KB] 24/02/2015
Inland Revenue has confirmed its view that debt capitalisations are potentially tax avoidance.
Taxmail 2015 Tax Bill 2015 Tax Bill Released [PDF: 117KB] 2/03/2015
The main proposal in the 2015 Tax Bill is to refund R&D tax losses. While welcome, there are a number of detailed design issues to be worked through.
Taxmail IRD KPMG welcomes debt capitalisation tax proposal [PDF: 107KB] 24/02/2015
Shareholders can convert debt to equity funding for insolvent companies, a way to rationalise group structures without unwarranted tax effects.
Taxmail transfer pricing Simpler Australian transfer pricing requirements [PDF: 113KB] 5/02/2015
New Zealand companies with trans-Tasman operations should benefit from the new, simpler Australian transfer pricing requirements.
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