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  • Date: 30/07/2013

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Project management survey 2013 


New Zealand organisations are still failing to extract real business value from their investment in projects.

Our 2013 report builds on the findings of KPMG’s inaugural Project management survey in 2010, providing specific insight into project management in New Zealand, as well as global comparisons.


Key findings


  • The type of projects New Zealand organisations are currently focusing on include growth and efficiency initiatives, and refreshing key infrastructure.


  • There has been a significant increase in project activity in the past two years across all sectors of the economy.


  • However failure rates are also increasing – with survey results showing that only one-third of projects are delivering the desired outcome.


  • The average project spend reported by our respondents is over $15m p.a.


  • These results represent a dramatic waste of resources in NZ businesses.


  • Certain practices correlate to project management success.


  • Only a minority of our respondents are consistently using these practices to deliver results.


  • Reported success rates vary widely across different industries, with organisations in the IT sector reporting better results.


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