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We’re proud to help inspire our business leaders to build successful and sustainable enterprises.  By helping organisations succeed, we believe all New Zealanders will enjoy a more prosperous future.


KPMG is helping New Zealand businesses succeed. 

Magnet Cities in New Zealand

Magnet cities - Auckland
KPMG’s work on Magnet Cities provides a framework to build prosperous cities and develop New Zealand to stand out in the global market.

FIPS Quarterly: June 2015

FIPS Quarterly March 2015
Despite growing headwinds in the global economy, New Zealand’s banking sector has enjoyed another profitable quarter.

NZ Herald article: Make migrants take a risk

NZ Herald article: Make migrants take a risk
High-profile business organisations are calling for investor migrants to be required to channel more cash into productive, growth-focused New Zealand investments rather than safer options such as bonds. Read full article.

Unleashing the giant: Fonterra's future

Fonterra Analysis
This report looks at Fonterra’s direction of travel and its potential to be one of the world’s mega food & beverage brands.

NZ M&A Predictor - issue 7

M&A Predictor 7
The recent flattening of the IPO market has opened up buying opportunities for trade buyers and private equity firms.

Foreign Direct Investment in New Zealand – trends and insights

Foreign Direct Investment NZ
KPMG has prepared an analysis of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the productive assets of our country, businesses and agriculture.


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Fuelling New Zealand's prosperity

Here at KPMG we are passionate about creating the country we all know New Zealand deserves to be, a prosperous New Zealand.


Find out more about our purpose and how together we can make New Zealand an even greater place to live, work and play.