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It is the nature of business to shorten names and titles to acronyms and to have an ever-increasing number of terms which might puzzle the uninitiated. This page offers some definitions.

Audit Committee Institute

How we in KPMG refer to our team that includes Management Consulting, Risk Consulting and Transactions and Reporting

Advanced Measurement Approach

Anti-Money Laundering

KPMG established the Audit Committee Institute (ACI) to help audit committee members keep pace with business issues related to governance, audit, accounting, and financial reporting. Since its inception in1999, KPMG has launched ACIs in 20 countries.

Services designed to help clients address specific issues which may relate to major regulatory or reporting changes or to the need for special expertise on accounting matters.

International capital adequacy framework for deposit taking institutions (banks, etc)

Business Development

Business Measurement Process (KPMG's audit methodology)

Business Performance Services

KPMG's Business Advisory professionals advise medium sized and privately owned and managed businesses. The name of this team changed in 2013 to Private Enterprise.

Chartered Accountant -professional qualification awarded by NZICA

Compound Annual Growth Rate

Capital Adequacy Standard

Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Finance

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Information Officer

Top level of company executives- CEO, CFO etc

Consumer Markets

Chief Operating Officer

Certified Practicing Accountant