Commerce & Industry 

As the global market continues to open up, companies face the complexity of dealing with different tax systems at various stages of development. This creates both complexity and opportunities for multinational groups.

Louis Thomas


  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Markets 

Tel. +352 22 51 51 - 5527


Philippe Neefs


  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Transfer Pricing

Tel. +352 22 51 51 - 5531


Sophie Smons


  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences 

Tel. +352 22 51 51 - 5559


Giuliano Bidoli


  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Tel. +352 22 51 51 - 5528


Julien Bieber


  • Energy & Natural Resources

Tel. +352 22 51 51 - 5599


Miriam Keusen


  • Consumer Goods

Tel. +352 22 51 51 - 5566


What do you expect? 


  • Dealing with different national tax systems at various stages of project development 
  • Aligning appropriate tax planning and strategic business objectives
  • Tax efficient structuring to reduce the group's overall tax rate
  • Integrating a corporate group on a European or worldwide level
  • Reorganizing the group royalty flow to benefit from an attractive tax environment


How we can help


  • We provide tailor made national and international corporate tax services including advising on all outbound and inbound tax issues (including withholding tax issues), asset finance, corporate debt issues, etc.
  • We render comprehensive tax advice on international corporate headquarters
  • We address indirect taxes and accounting consequences of a given operation to offer a complete overview of the risks and opportunities arising from a given transaction 
  • Our expertise also covers the tax aspects of cross border mergers and acquisitions of commercial and industrial groups

What is the most important for you?


  • Managing current and future tax risks 
  • Reducing the effective global tax rate 
  • Obtaining security on the tax consequences of operations involving Luxembourg entities 
  • Enabling you to focus on your core business