Entreprise Socialement Responsable Label (INDR) 

KPMG awarded the ESR label by the INDR

We are proud to announce that KPMG Luxembourg was again awarded the label “Entreprise Socialement Responsable” (socially responsible enterprise) by the INDR Luxembourg (Institut National pour le Développement Durable et la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises) in November 2015.

The INDR (in cooperation with the Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises, UEL) aims to promote responsible business practices in Luxembourg by assisting companies of all sizes to align their economic, social, and environmental objectives and recognize those firms which successfully do so.

During the labeling process, various aspects of our business across all departments are assessed. The certification covers areas including:


  • our company culture & values centered around integrity,
  • our high standards of quality & professionalism,
  • our responsible Human Resources/Learning & Development processes,
  • our participation in KPMG International’s Global Green Initiative to manage our environmental impacts, and
  • our KPMG Foundation’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


If you are interested in knowing more or would like to seek the label for your company, please contact Jane Wilkinson, Head of CSR, KPMG Luxembourg.


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CSR Report 2012


The CSR Report of KPMG Luxembourg shares our performance on aspects such as Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Communities with our stakeholders.


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