Special Services 

Samjong KPMG proudly introduces the following service in support for the continuous development of the New Growth Engine through selection & collection, resource support, integration and feedback on a group-wide basis as well as securing its industry-leading position.


Currently all public corporations must follow IFRS. Samjong KPMG Actuaries Inc. consists of actuarial  pension analysts who have  outstanding expertise and experience in those fields. Samjong KPMG Actuaries Inc. offers Retirement and Employee Wage Services based on IFRS.


FRPA | Financial Reporting Process Advisory 

Samjong KPMG provides phase III IFRS services, which include implementation of an optimized financial accounting process, stabilization of the process through establishment of framework, and support for dual closing process under KGAAP and IFRS. 


ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning

KPMG ERP department leads exclusive teams for various industries including finance, service, consumer goods, manufacturing, communication, electrical power, construction, and public services. 



The importance of valuation has been rising since it has been utilized in many fields and thus the need for valuation service of corporations is continuously increasing. Each corporation should evaluate its assets and liabilities based on the fair value which is the present value. The valuation is considered a very important issue among many corporations.


Climate Change & Sustainability 

Samjong KPMG Sustainability is a fully equipped one-stop service system from assessment, execution and monitoring of Carbon Regulation, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Greenization and Green Investment service.



Samjong KPMG performs thorough analysis of conversion impact in all aspects of your business and provides customized IFRS conversion services tailored to each company’s business environment utilizing its accumulated experience as a market leader of IFRS related consulting services.


Economic/Industry Research Institute

Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute serves as a ‘Think Tank’  based on information, expert knowledge, and the accumulated experience of 162,000 KPMG professionals from 155 different countries.


Financial Training Program

Partner with us and be ready for the upcoming changes. We offer an extensive range of programs, which can all be tailored to your needs.

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